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In order to download our videos for free, you must first register for a “Free Personal User Accountant” and be logged in. This will allow you to download any of the available video Bible Lessons, and use them for personal, non-commercial religious and educational purposes only. You may also share the materials with others for the same purposes according to the “Terms of Use.”

Please Note: If your intended use for these videos is for foreign or domestic classroom viewing, or to be incorporated into other Bible related courses or materials, viewed in Church services or other related public viewing, put on the Internet, or broadcast in any other form, you must still register for a “Free Personal User Accountant” in order to download our videos. You must also have separate written permission from Shekinah Network (the owner) for this use. Click Here for permission form.

Life of Christ 4: Genealogies

Life of Christ 5: Birth Announcement for John the Baptist

Life of Christ 6: Birth Announcement for Jesus

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